Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sheffield roads - Inner Relief Road

Here is some more information about the new relief road in Sheffield by the Wicker. And yes, I still get lost although I have lived here all my life!

The new 1.5km dual carriageway between the Wicker and Penistone Road was officially opened by Minister for Transport, Rosie Winterton MP on Thursday 22nd November 2007.

Motorists approaching from Sheaf Street towards Penistone Road and Don Valley should go through Park Square to the Cutlers Gate/Parkway junction and turn left onto the new road.
Parkway traffic heading to Penistone Road and the Don Valley should turn right at the Cutlers Gate junction.

Exchange Place is now only for access to the Wicker area. Similarly traffic from Shalesmoor and Mowbray Street should follow the new road round to the Cutlers Gate/Parkway junction.

Again Nursery Street is now only for access to the Wicker area. There are two lanes available all the way round the new road for these movements.

Construction of a new 1.5km dual carriageway between the Wicker and Penistone Road officially started in November 2004. The Government has committed £56m in funding for this new carriageway, which will close a major gap in Sheffield’s partial Inner Ring Road.

Stage 1 of the Inner Ring Road, running between Sheffield Parkway and the Wicker, was fully opened to traffic in April 2000 and is now called "Cutlers Gate". Construction of Stage 2 will bring benefits to all highway users and will also be vital in providing better access to the major regeneration projects in and around the City Centre.

The main aims of the IRR are to:

Remove unnecessary through traffic from the City Centre by providing a dedicated route around it.
Improve access to the City Centre and adjacent areas for all those who need it, however they choose to travel.
Re-integrate Victoria Quays, the Law Courts, Exchange Riverside and the Wicker areas with the City Centre
Aid regeneration of the City Centre and areas immediately adjacent to the IRR
Improve the City Centre environment

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