Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sheffield Forum

Every large town or city seems to have a decent size forum these days. As more people become reliant on the internet for local news, reviews, shopping and other useful information, the forums seem to grow in stature and usability.

The local forum for Sheffield is, where there is not only a business directory for everything Sheffield, but also a very succesful forum with over 60,000 members and almost 200,000 topics.

At the last glance there were 12 moderators and 7 assistant moderators, just showing how big a project these forums really are.

Sheffield Girls

Having attended Silverdale school at Bents Green, I used to catch the number 50 bus from Dore to Parkhead shops. There were always plenty of Sheffield High School girls on the bus, and I made a few friends along the years.

I recently noticed that there were quite a few fairly famous ex pupils, so popped on the internet to have a check (like you do!).

A few of note include Deborah Ann Barham, A. S. Byatt (novelist), Margaret Drabble the novelist (and sister of A.S. Byatt). Angela Knight, the now ex MP for Erewash, who was also responsible for the £2 coin went to Sheffield Girls High.

Naomi Siddall who plays for the England national netball team was also a pupil at Sheffield Girls.